alpha ventilator

Introducing a new paradigm in ventilator management.

Michelle Janson, Respiratory Therapist Regions Hospital, St. Paul, Minnesota

I am excited about biWaze because the device will provide a more comfortable and effective therapy so
patients will be more adherent to what we prescribe.

benefits of the alpha ventilator

The Alpha Ventilator is a life support ventilator built on the biWaze platform. It is the worlds first televentilator which includes advanced ventilator modes as well as key safety and alarm features as per international regulatory standards. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted a shortage of ventilators but also a shortage of trained healthcare professionals to manage the large volume of ventilators when needed. In addition, frequent bedside visits by healthcare professionals to adjust and monitor ventilators increase the possibility of infection thereby pushing an already fragile healthcare system into a further grim situation. ABM’s Alpha ventilator addresses both of these issues by enabling healthcare professionals to securely monitor and adjust ventilator settings through their online portal from any location.

Currently available in select countries. 

experience the alpha ventilator difference


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted a shortage of ventilators and trained healthcare professionals to manage the large number of ventilators being utilized. The Alpha ventilator enables trained healthcare professionals the ability to monitor and program a large number of ventilators from anywhere in the world, with real-time response. By utilizing the telehealth connection, they can reduce the number of bedside visits they perform to check the ventilator and reduce their exposure to infected patients.


Alpha uses an advanced turbine technology to implement several therapy modes for invasive and non-invasive ventilation. The ventilator can be used with both pediatric and adult patients in the hospital, skilled nursing facilities and home care environments.


The large touchscreen and simplified navigation create a unique user experience. The user interface was created based upon months of clinician feedback on the navigation menus and monitoring functions to provide an optimal clinical experience.