Announcing an expanded indication for use in-line with a ventilator in acute care environments

BiWaze Clear is intended to remove airway obstructions caused by retained secretions in the lower airways, as well as re-expand collapsed areas of the lungs, prevent respiratory tract infections, and enhance gas exchange and oxygenation

BiWaze Clear can help reduce post-surgery pulmonary complications (PPCs) by preventing or treating atelectasis and mobilizing retained secretions1,2,3,4

Dual blowers in BiWaze Clear provide the ability to control the inhale and exhale paths through the Dual Lumen breathing circuit.

The closed circuit design reduces fugitive aerosols by directing the exhale through the coaxial filter and the Aeorgen® Solo nebulizer* ensures a high respirable dose for the patient.

Oscillating Lung Expansion (OLE) therapy is a proven option to reduce PPCs for your at risk patients after thoracic, upper abdomen, trauma, burns, geriatric or splinting.3

The therapy can be delivered through a mouthpiece, face mask or trach adapter to pediatric or adult patients.  

Electronic blower design allows therapy to be available in any area of the hospital like the ICU, ED, and other step-down wards and long-term care facilities.

A battery is included with every system for flexibility and use across the continuum of care outside the hospital like rehabilitation or home care.

Visit the Respiratory Care Institute for educational content about BiWaze® Clear

Leading the way in respiratory therapy innovation, BiWaze® Clear provides a combination of airway clearance therapies improve oxygenation and clear secretions for critical to chronic patients in all care settings

Discover the difference

Traditional airway clearance therapy, such as HFCWO, usually lasts around 30 minutes and involves the patient being shaken with a vest or wrap around their chest. In contrast, BiWaze Clear provides more efficient and comfortable high frequency oscillation therapy through a mouthpiece, face mask, or trach tube. The system also incorporates positive expiratory pressure (PEP) to help open airways and clear retained secretions. Additionally, BiWaze Clear administers aerosol during therapy to deliver medication deep into the lungs. These three airway clearance techniques are combined in what is known as Oscillation Lung Expansion (OLE) therapy, which typically takes just 10 minutes to complete.


* FDA Cleared for saline solution only with aerosol therapy

Experience the BiWaze® Clear Difference

  • Touch Screen
  • Simplified Setup
  • Stored Therapy Profiles
  • Dual blowers with a closed breathing circuit
  • Aerogen® Solo
  • 10-minute therapy*
  • Dual air path control
  • Independent therapy phase programming
  • Battery included

BiWaze Clear Components

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