BiWaze® Clear System

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Michelle Janson, Respiratory Therapist Regions Hospital, St. Paul, Minnesota

I am excited about biWaze because the device will provide a more comfortable and effective therapy so
patients will be more adherent to what we prescribe.

closed circuit, dual-path control, intuitive touchscreen

Discover the difference

Traditional airway clearance therapy, such as HFCWO, usually lasts around 30 minutes and involves the patient being shaken with a vest or wrap around their chest. In contrast, BiWaze Clear provides more efficient and comfortable high frequency oscillation therapy through a mouthpiece, face mask, or trach tube. The system also incorporates positive expiratory pressure (PEP) to help open airways and clear retained secretions. Additionally, BiWaze Clear administers aerosol during therapy to deliver medication deep into the lungs. These three airway clearance techniques are combined in what is known as Oscillation Lung Expansion (OLE) therapy, which typically takes just 10 minutes to complete.

* FDA Cleared for saline solution only with aerosol therapy 

Experience the BiWaze® Clear Difference

  • Touch screen
  • Simplified setup
  • Stored therapy profiles
  • Dual blowers with a closed breathing circuit
  • Aerogen® Solo
  • 10-minute therapy*
  • Dual air path control
  • Advanced programming
  • Battery included

How BiWaze® Clear Works

BiWaze® Clear System provides oscillating lung expansion (OLE) therapy to help treat and prevent atelectasis, remove retained secretions from deep in the lungs and reduce the work of breathing. BiWaze Clear expands and clears the airways through a combination of airway clearance therapies in just 10 minutes by alternating therapies of lung expansion and high frequency oscillation combined with aerosol. 


* FDA Cleared for saline solution only with aerosol therapy

BiWaze Clear Components

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