Airway Clearance Therapy in the Hospital

Airway clearance therapy can be a crucial intervention for patients in the hospital as it can help prevent or treat lung infections, reduce the risk of respiratory failure, promote recovery, and improve the overall quality of life. Patients who are hospitalized are at increased risk of developing lung infections and respiratory failure, and airway clearance therapy can help maintain lung function, mobilize secretions, and improve oxygenation, leading to faster healing and a shorter hospital stay. Health care processionals can work with patients to determine the most appropriate airway clearance techniques and frequency based on their individual needs and medication condition.





The BiWaze® Clear System delivers airway clearance therapy to patients through oscillating lung expansion (OLE) therapy in the hospital, post-acute and home care environments. This innovative system is specifically designed to prevent and treat atelectasis, as well as remove retained secretions deep in the lungs of both adult and pediatric patients. BiWaze Clear’s respiratory therapy is both efficient and adaptable, with an intuitive design that can be customized to meet each patient’s individual needs, promoting greater comfort and ease of use.

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